Natural Bead Bracelets

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Twelve different colorful bead bracelets made with genuine stones (some beads color enhanced). Each bracelet includes a tag with the name of the stone. Great for stacking in sets for different color stories! Size: 6mm bead size, 2.5” Bracelet diameter

Red - Bamboo Coral

Orange - Peach Aventurine 

Yellow - Yellow Jade

Speckled Green - Jasper Dye Turquoise

Green - Green Aventurine 

Speckled Blue - Jasper Dye Sodalite 

Blue - Magnesite Dye Turquoise 

Purple - Amethyst 

Pink - Rose Quarts 

White - Magnesite

Speckled Grey - Grey Jasper 

Black - Black Obsidian 


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