Meet Anna and Tiffany

The creative duo behind True at the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado

We are more than just co-owners of the most approachable boutique in Aurora: we’re friends, moms, and long standing residents of the Central Park neighborhood.

We share a commitment to creating the perfect shopping experience for all of our customers, and we each bring a little something special to True. Anna has a flair for personal styling and a knack for curating the perfect ensemble. Her time spent in Southern California influences her penchant for mixing high fashion pieces with street-style looks and adapting them to each customer’s preferences. Tiffany brings merchandising expertise garnered from over 20 years in the retail industry. Her classic style draws inspiration from her time working for some of the biggest names in retail, combined with her urban-mountain Colorado lifestyle.

Together, we bring passion and dedication into every aspect of True, creating a sense of belonging with you, our clients, and the metro Denver community we love.